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Our CEO and founder,  Larry Hall was a full-time musician and still plays and records often to this day.  He understands the frustrations of getting broken guitar amps, cheap drums or simply the wrong gear.  Here at HAS we take the craft of a musician seriously so you can rest assured that ALL of our backline is maintained to the highest level and guaranteed to work when it arrives to your stage.
At HAS we are proud of our vintage and boutique  gear collection while we continue to keep up with the newest trends as well.  We are happy to provide your artists  with their favorite,  most requested and sometimes hard-to-find gear.


Gretsch Kit

DW Collectors
Pearl Sessions
Yamaha Recording
LP Percussion




Ampeg SVT810
Ampeg SVT Classic
Ampet SVT Pro4
Ampeg B2R
Ampeg B410HE
Ampeg B115HE
Gallien Krueger 1001
Gallien Krueger 800RB


Eden World Tour WT800
Eden EX410SC
Hartke 410XL
Hartke 115XL
Aguilar Tone Hammer 500
Ashdown ABM500



Marshall JCM900
Marshall JCM900

Marshall 412 V
Marshall 412
Marshall JCM900
Marshall JCM2000
Marshall JCM800

Mesa Boogie 4x12
Mesa Boogie 4×12

Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier
Mesa Boogie 412
Mesa Boogie 20/20 Tube Amp
Mesa Boogie V Amp
Fender Blues Deville 410
Fender Deville 410
Fender Deville 212
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
Fender Twin Black Face
Fender Twin Silver Face
Fender Bassman

American Dream
American Dream

Roland JC120
3RD Power American Dream
3RD Power British Dream
3RD Power 310 cabinet




Les Paul
Les Paul

Fender Strat*
Fender Tele*
Fender P Bass*
Fender Jazz Bass*
Gibson Les Paul*

*American Made



Roland Fantom G7
Roland Fantom G7

Yamaha Motif 8XS8
Yamaha Motif 8 ES
Roland Fantom G7
Roland RD700
NORD Electro

*Keyboards are a constantly changing entity, please contact us directly for your specific keyboard needs.