Audio Production,  Sound Systems, Live Sound

Vince and EAW

From a small meeting room to full arena production, we make your event a success.  H.A.S. Productions understands you want the best service for a great price.   Your event, whether large or small, will be managed by our experienced professionals utilizing state-of-the-art equipment.   For the success of your event, it is important that you use true professionals.   Many of our long term client relationships began with them asking us to “fix” issues when cut rate vendors had been used.  At H.A.S. Productions, our goal is provide your audience with the best experience and make your event a success.  This is what we do, this is ALL we do, and this is what we LOVE to do.  Give us a call; you’ll be glad you did….

Lighting Services

Eric Church CrowdOur Full-Service Production includes lighting too!





Power Distribution

Your show can not go on without appropriate power. Years of experience, means that H.A.S. Productions can determine your sufficient power requirements.  Based on your available power, we’ll handle the generators and power distribution.


H.A.S. Productions is pleased to have the knowledge and experience to assist you in determining the appropriate staging for your event.  Please call to discuss your staging requirements.


deep purpleWe have a large selection of backline equipment available to your performers.  We deliver complete production solutions or can fill that single last minute extra.  We strive to keep your artists happy, by offering many major manufacturers as well as rare and boutique items.

Digital Multi-Track Recording

recordingWe offer multiple track recording with Protools or hard disk with Midas 9696 Hard Disc Recorder, Tascam x48 or Alesis HD 24xr. We can finalize and burn YOUR ENTIRE SHOW to a CD while you wait or hand you the content to finalize on your own.  Please call for pricing!
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